Method Lab #3 on 6th and 7th February 2019

Method Lab #3

Arenas of transcultural Education: artistic research, art based methods, new materialism and sensory ethnography, on 6 and 7 February 2019 at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf


While our Method Lab #1 concentrated on the method mixing in the field (i.e. the methods and practices we encountered in the field) and our ethnographic methods and methodology (with a focus on sound & sensory ethnography), in Method Lab #2 we discussed three analytical and methodological perspectives that are crucial to our current research process: socio-material analysis, performativity of the digital, and a transcultural analysis. In Method Laboratory #3 we discussed artistic research, art-based methods, new materialism/material feminism and sensory ethnography in the context of our research on arenas of transcultural education. Thereby we deepen the reflextion of the aesthetic decisions we make during the research on the one hand and the aesthetic decisions of teachers or directors in our research fields on the other hand. We discussed potential points of transmission of method-mixing between theatre and school and reflect on the epistemic status of aesthetic artefacts we produce in our research.

These perspectives are made productive in relation to our central research questions, which are: How is difference (in terms of ethnicity, gender, class, etc.) performed, negotiated, and mediated in postmigrant theatre productions and in the classroom? What is the concrete method mixing of the field, i.e. the techniques of the body, and the use of sounds, things and digital media that we encounter? How can the interdisciplinary approach that we pursue in the project be reflected and documented, and how do the distinct interdisciplinary ethnographic and analytical research methods produce findings that can contribute to a new methodology for the study of transcultural practices of formation and education?



Mark Sackville-Ford, Miriam Nandi, Ursula Rogg, Christina Huf, Holger Schulze and Carla J. Maier


Birgit Althans, Elise v. Bernstorff, Jule Korte, Janna Wieland, Isabell Holl, Elisa Dettlof