Research in Theatre: Junge Landesbühne Nord

Research in Theatre: Junge Landesbühne Nord

At the beginning of 2019 Janna R. Wieland accompanied rehearsals of the theatre production SATELLITEN AM NACHTHIMMEL (DSE) at Junge Landesbühne Nord in cooperation with theatre-label PARADEISER productions. The production is based on the written piece of the Norwegian author Kristofer Blindheim Grønskag. A partly bizarre story of being different is sketched touchingly. With a lot of imagination, the performance with its materiality of sounds gives the audience an insight into the world of thoughts of the protagonist and her feeling of being different. Another peculiarity of the Junge Landesbühne Nord is the cooperation with schools. School classes take part in rehearsals of the play. The experiences and impressions of the pupils are discussed during school visits and directly after the rehearsals. Furthermore, we will participate in these school visits in March 2019.

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