Urban Matters: Material Engagements with Communities and Borders in Times of Movement | 20th to 22nd June 2018

Bodies, Sounds, Spaces: Affective and socio-material assemblages in (post-)migrant theatre. Paper presentation by Birgit Althans, Carla J. Maier, Janna Wieland at Utrecht University

This paper presents a close analysis of affective and socio-material assemblages and practices of world-making in (post-)migrant theatre productions. Drawing from ongoing ethnographic fieldwork that has been conducted in the context of the production STILL OUT THERE by theatre collective kainkollektiv, we analyze fieldnotes and audio and video material collected in the rehearsal process, in the final performance of the play, and in interviews with actors, directors and musicians who were involved in the production.

We ask: What are the urban, sonic, cultural fictions and frictions that are generated through the affective, and socio-material “fabrics” of music and dance on the theatre stage? What are the specific performativities and materialities at play that (re-)organize and (re-)negotiate transnational and transcultural stories of migration? What forms of transcultural knowledge can be produced, negotiated, and also put at risk in this rehearsal process? What are the irritations, aspirations and inspirations resulting from these specific material practices?



Drawing by Janna R. Wieland