Research in Theatre: Lam Gods | March 2018 – October 2018

Theater II: Lam Gods | March 2018 –  October 2018

A theatre production at NTGent

From an ethnological and cultural anthropological perspective, Janna Wieland researches the development and rehearsal process in three theatre productions. Since March 2018 she is doing field research in the production and rehearsal process of the piece Lam Gods which will be put on stage at the end of September 2018. The piece revolves around the object of the Ghent altar – one of the first works of modern realistic art. A tourist attraction today, it was stolen in various wars and eventually brought back to Ghent.

As mentioned on the NTGent website: “In the reconstruction of the Ghent Altarpiece onstage, a panorama of our present world emerges, between tradition and an uncertain future – and at the same time, a manifesto for the significance of art and spirituality in a human life.”

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Photo by Janna R. Wieland