Research in Theatre: Of Coming Tales | December 2017 – April 2018

Of Coming Tales | December 2017 – April 2018

By kainkollektiv

A “Junge Akteure” production at Theater Bremen.

With an ethnological and cultural anthropological view over three years, Janna Wieland researches the development and rehearsal process in three theatre productions:

Starting from the political and social challenges and events of our time, which are increasingly penetrating the reality of young people’s lives, kainkollektiv is asking in their piece about current fables and coming stories. Which myths reflect today the cultural and self-image of our globalized world and how can these be told by young people? What forms of theatrical methods and narratives are needed to address the utopias, phantasms and nightmares of the present? They ask: “What story(s) do we want to remember?”

An interdisciplinary and age-spanning ensemble consisting of actors, young actors, a countertenor, a soprano, two dancers, musicians and a video artist came together in this production. This temporary ensemble with its various forms of expression sets the many-voiced fairy-tale machinery in motion.

Kainkollektiv searches for new theatrical forms across genre boundaries and opens up the space of the stage to send the audience on a journey.

Media reaction (German): “Of Coming Tales” sucht im Theater Bremen nach den Märchen dieser Tage (Kreiszeitung)


TheaterI_OfCoingTales.JPGPhoto by Janna R. Wieland