Research in Theatre: Still Out There

STILL OUT THERE | December 2016 – April 2017

von kainkollektiv Link

A “Junge Akteure” production atTheater Bremen Link

figure 2.jpgPhoto and editing by Janna R. Wieland


With an ethnological and cultural anthropological view over three years, Janna Wieland researches the development and rehearsal process in three theatre productions:

Set in Bremen and based on a re-narration of the fairytale “Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten”, a tale about exclusion and self-empowerment, the production STILL OUT THERE by theatre collective kainkollektiv creates a sonic-material narrative between facts and fictions, and in this way, explores the (post-)migrant and personal stories of the 9 to 19-year-old actors and a Croatia based dancer and performer Ina Sladic. Besides dancer, actors, microphones, video projections, etc., the three musicians from the Syrian Expat Symphonic Orchestra build another layer in this theatrical (and in itself multimodal) assemblage.